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We’re dreaming of a #BlackXmas.
No Spending with White companies 11/27/2020 – 01/01/2021
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Go to for information about Black-led community-based organizations and Black-owned businesses in our community. Additional products and resources can be found at and on the Official Black Wall Street app.

1A New Way of Life (Re-Entry for Formerly Incarcerated Women)
2Africa Town Coalition (Self Determination for Black Los Angeles)
3African American Cultural Center (Black cultural work and forums)
4American Youth Soccer Organization – South Los Angeles (Black soccer league)
5Black Alliance for Just Immigration (Black immigration)
6Black Lives Matter-Los Angeles (fighting to end police and state-sanctioned violence)
7Black Women for Wellness (Black women’s health)
8Black Worker Center (good jobs for Black people)
9Crenshaw Subway Coalition (fighting gentrification)
10Downtown Crenshaw (stabilize Black communities)
11Fernando Pullum Center (free youth performing arts classes)
12Initiate Justice (organizing incarcerated folks & loved ones)
13Jenesse Center (domestic violence shelters and services)
14Los Angeles Community Action Network (homeless organizing)
15Media Done Responsibly (media education/positive images)
16Pro Bono ASL (culturally competent sign language interpretation)
17The Reverence Project (trauma healing)
18St. Elmo Village (residential Black artist community/free art programs)
19Southern Christian Leadership Conference – Southern California (advocacy and service rooted in Dr. King’s progressive Christianity)
20Social Justice Learning Institute (Black male youth leadership and education)
21Watts Labor Community Action Committee (cultural and community development)

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This year #Blackxmas is from Friday 11.27.20 – Friday 1.1.21. Let’s be intentional with our dollars and use our economic resources to BUILD OUR COMMUNITY! We are committing to the enrichment of our collective selves, not the corporations that actively work to oppress us.






#DIVEST from White corporations.

#INVEST in Black community.

If you must buy, #BUYBLACK


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