We’re compiling a list of Black organizations that you can donate to. If you would like to add your organization to our list. Please fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page.



African American Cultural Center (Black cultural work and forums) www.africanamericanculturalcenter-la.org

A New Way of Life (Reentry support services for formerly incarcerated women) http://www.anewwayoflife.org/

Black Alliance for Just Immigration (Black immigration justice) www.baji.org

Black Lives Matter-Los Angeles (working to end state-sanctioned violence) www.crowdrise.com/blmla

Black Women for Wellness (Black women’s health) www.bwwla.org

Black Worker Center (good jobs for Black people) http://www.lablackworkercenter.org

Crenshaw Subway Coalition (transportation and housing justice in Black communities) www.crenshawsubway.org

Fernando Pullum Center (free performing arts classes for children) www.pullumcenter.org

Jenesse Center (domestic violence intervention, housing and services) www.jenesse.org

Los Angeles Community Action Network – LACAN (homeless organizing) www.cangress.org

Media Done Responsibly (media education and push for positive media images) www.mediadoneresponsibly.org

Southern Christian Leadership Conference – Southern California (advocacy and service rooted in progressive Christianity as practiced by Dr. King) https://sclc-sc.org

St. Elmo Village (residential Black artist community; free arts workshops and events) www.stelmovillage.org

Strategic Concepts in Organizing and Policy Education (Black political power) www.scopela.org